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Rumor: Lord of the Rings Online heading to Xbox 360

James Egan

We've come across a rumor about Lord of the Rings Online over at Destructoid, from Brad Nicholson. If his information is correct, Lord of the Rings Online may have an Xbox 360 release in its future. Nicholson writes, "According to a reliable source, Turbine is currently eyeing their MMO, Lord of the Rings: Online, for an Xbox 360 release. The source added that Turbine has hit a snag, unrelated to the development process. Microsoft, allegedly, won't commit to allow Turbine to utilize a free-to-play model, which is what the developer desires for the console version of LotRO."

Nicholson writes that he contacted Turbine about the matter, but they neither confirmed nor denied that LotRO on 360 is in the works. Joystiq also got in touch with Turbine's PR director Adam Mersky, who stated, "We saw that rumor, too... We're not talking about what we're working on specifically, only that we're making a console MMO and actively working with Microsoft and Sony." Mersky added that their unnamed console project is progressing and that they'll have something to show by this summer.

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