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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is an April Fool

Though the webcomic community wasn't as plagued by April Fools Day shenanigans as it has been in years past -- let us never forget The Great Webcomic Switcheroo of 2008 -- there was a fair amount of illustrated monkeyshines this past April 1st. 2P Start faked a server complication, causing their Wednesday comic to have apparent loading issues. Brawl in the Family staged a hostile takeover by Luigi's purple-clad doppleganger. Finally, those jerks at Dipswitch stuck our hands in warm water while we were sleeping. Somebody owes us a new mattress.

Below are our favorite seven webcomics of this past week -- well, 24 webcomics, should you decide to scroll through Waluigi's fairly nonsensical offerings. You can vote for your favorite in the poll after the jump, suggest some sites for next week's roundup in the comments, or email us a hefty gift certificate for Sealy, you freaking jerks.

Where No Man Has Gone Before ... Or ... Not (Dipswitch)
Wind Waker, Heart Breaker (2P Start)
How Art the Mighty Fallen (Penny-Arcade)
Stuff 2 Read (Stolen Pixels)
Untitled (AVGW)
Waluigi in the Family (BitF WitF)
Revolution of the Daleks (Dueling Analogs)


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