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BoinxTV unlocked in MacHeist 3 -- next up, Espresso and The Hit List


: Just as we suspected, the $500,000 blew past and now everything is unlocked.
It took a while for the US$39 MacHeist 3 bundle to raise US$400,000 for charity, but it happened yesterday and now the US$199 BoinxTV Sponsored Edition application is unlocked for everyone who is participating in the fun. In case you're not familiar with BoinxTV, it's referred to as a "TV studio in a box" and it's wonderful for easy, yet professional-looking video editing.

The Boinx TV unlock apparently opened the floodgates, because MacHeist 3 has raised another US$25,000 for charity since the US$400,000 level was reached. The new goal is a cool US$500,000 raised for charity, and when that happens, Espresso and The Hit List will be unlocked. This has to happen in the next two days, since this is a limited-time offer.

Since we last talked about MacHeist 3, Cro-Mag Rally and the Times newsreader have been added as bonus apps. You also get Delicious Library 2 and Multiwinia if you tweet about your purchase (which caused Macworld editor Peter Cohen to firmly state the case against Twitter as a spam medium), as well as several other applications that have been slipped into the mix since the bundle started.

The total value of MacHeist 3 is now at US$981, available to you for just US$39.

Click here to visit the MacHeist 3 website.

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