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RAmos unveils its Skynet-approved Terminator T12 media player


Ah, RAmos -- you know what the people want, and you just keep crankin' 'em out. A worthy successor to the T10, the T9, and the T8, the Terminator T12 switches things up a bit with a thumb wheel for (hopefully) improved navigation over its touchscreen-centric brethren. And the specs seem more than sufficient, including a Rockchip RK2806 (1024 x 720) chipset, 5-inch display, Wolfson WM8988 audio, and TV out. Storage and price have yet to be announced, but you'll know as soon as we do. Since this is a tie-in for the upcoming Terminator movie, we expect to see some suitably gaudy / awesome promo material coming down the pike. You hear that, RAmos?

[Via The Gadget Site]

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