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AT&T Apps Beta helps carrier connect devs, customers

Chris Ziegler

Manufacturers' app stores have been getting most of the attention lately, but let's not forget that carriers have massive content decks of their own -- content decks that carrier-branded feature phone owners in particular are exposed to almost every time they open their browsers. Carriers like T-Mobile have been making overtures toward developers big and small lately in an effort to make those content decks more accessible, and AT&T's taking a big step with the introduction of its Apps Beta program. The idea's simple: devs can submit apps to AT&T and very quickly get approval to appear in the Apps Beta portal, which is specially designed to make it easy for customers to try software and give feedback to publishers. AT&T monitors the feedback, which it in turn uses (in part) to decide which apps makes the magical journey over to the main, non-beta content deck. The carrier will be actively marketing the program to subscribers in the coming weeks, but signup is available now if you like to live on the bleeding edge (and we know you do).

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