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Microsoft settles homophobia complaint from former Lionhead developer


The queer sexual discrimination case of Jamie Durrant against Microsoft has ended in an "amicable resolution." PinkNews reports a settlement has been reached by the two parties, with no financial figures revealed and Durrant no longer continuing his employment at Lionhead Studios as part of the agreement. Durrant had been "sick" and on half-pay since last August from the Molyneux studio due to "anxiety and depression."

When contacted for comment about the conclusion of the case, Durrant responded, "I really can't comment on it apart to say that it was resolved amicably."

Despite the Durrant issue and an alleged incident involving a lesbian being banned from Xbox Live, Microsoft appears to still have the support of GLBT political organizations. The Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index gave the company the highest score possible in its latest review. So far, these discrimination incidents appear to be tempests in a teapot.

[Via GamePolitics]

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