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Motorola co-CEO Jha makes off with staggering $104M package in 2008

Chris Ziegler

How many CEOs of Fortune 500 companies can brag that their total compensation package for a single year equalled a full percent of their firm's market cap? Actually, with stock prices in the toilet as they are these days, probably quite a few -- but no one would seriously expect Sanjay Jha, co-CEO of embattled Moto, to be a member of that elite club. The Qualcomm hire -- who worked less than five months for Motorola in 2008 -- managed to rake in over $104 million between his salary, stock options, and other benefits, which seems criminal in light of his company's continued fight for survival, its multiple rounds of layoffs, and a recent pay cut (that, by all appearances, probably should've included some of those lucrative options). Realistically, Jha hasn't been at the helm long enough to prove whether he's worthy of this kind of dough -- but when you lose $3.6 billion in a single quarter, these sorts of packages just don't seem kosher by any measure, you know?

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