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One Shots: Gone fishin'

Recently, I asked about the idea of logging out somewhere special in an MMO before you cancel your subscription. While many people felt that there really wasn't much point since you can always reactivate later, some still choose to take that option, perhaps for RP reasons. Today's One Shots is one such sign-off moment from World of Warcraft, sent in to us by Kilawhar. He took the option to wax a bit about this particular image, so like the Darkfall One Shots earlier, I'm going to post the entirety of the note with more behind the break. If you've got a great image with a story to tell about your MMO experiences, feel free to send it to me at oneshots [at] massively [dot] com along with your name, and the game it's from! That said, on with Kilawhar's tale!

I took this screen shot the last time I was logged into World of Warcraft before letting my account expire. I have been playing since shortly after launch, and for many years have been the guild leader of a group of truly wonderful individuals. My obsession with fishing in the game was well known among the guild (I spent days and days of time trying to catch Mr. Pinchy, and I finally caught him only a week before Wrath came out), and I thought it was only appropriate that my character end the game doing what he did best (you don't get the "Salty" title for being a fishing novice, I can tell you).

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I think that the one thing people didn't realize is that the reason I loved fishing so much in the game was that it gave me the chance to really pay attention to Guild Chat and get to know my fellow guildies. I mean, really...when all you're doing is looking at a bobber what else are you going to do???

Anyway, the game changed with the release of Wrath and it just doesn't really appeal to me anymore. I've passed the guild on to one of my officers and my character is going into retirement with his trusty friend Mr. Pinchy at his side. To all who I've crossed paths with in my four years in game - My deepest thanks. It's been a fun ride.

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