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Samsung's midrange M2310, others get a little more official

Chris Ziegler

That M2310 we saw make a covert appearance down in Brazil not long ago is looking more official by way of a Dutch trade show, where the low-end music phone was demoed alongside a couple with which we're less familiar: the M2510 and S5200. By all accounts the S5200 (pictured) is the more interesting of the two, featuring a 3 megapixel camera and a stylish two-tone black / red scheme, but the M2510 slider is no slouch with an FM radio, QVGA display, and VGA cam (okay, actually, that does make it kind of a slouch by definition, but we're sure it'll be priced appropriately when it gets around to launching). Speaking of launching, we still don't have dates or prices for any of these -- so in the meantime, you Sammy lovers will just have to keep pining after the Omnia HD. Poor babies.

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