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Trio of new BlackBerrys rumored for the high end

Chris Ziegler

Before you get too excited, all three of these suckers seem to be variations on a theme -- all have a QWERTY keyboard, 3G, WiFi, and GPS, and are members of the 9000 series, apparently -- so we might just be looking at different carriers here, not some massive, dreamy phalanx of unique hardware all hitting within a few months of each other. The latest batch of devices said to be making the rounds in RIM's labs are apparently codenamed Onyx, Driftwood, and Magnum, and may feature the touchscreen / QWERTY hybrid concept rumored to be hitting the pictured Pluto (confused yet?). Notably, only the Driftwood will support UMA -- important for T-Mobile -- while both the Onyx and Magnum are lined up for AT&T, so this is a pretty wild situation developing north of the border here. Downmarket, it seems that the Gemini isn't just a single device but a whole series of lower-cost models in the same vein as the present-day Curve. Doesn't really matter to us what they're called -- can we just get them rolled out on the double, please?

[Image via CrackBerry]

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