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Warhammer getting a token system for RVR gear

Brooke Pilley

Since Warhammer Online's launch, obtaining powerful RvR gear has been subject to lots of luck and a broken contribution system. Mythic intends to supplement this by adding a new token system that will reward players for RvR participation and dedication.

Players will soon be looting common medallions and rare crests from player kills (in oRvR and scenarios), keeps, fortresses, zone locks, campaign locks, and various city siege phase completions. These tokens can be used to purchase RvR set gear (e.g. Annihilator, Conqueror, etc.) and special potions from quartermaster merchants.

Tokens will not be tradeable but they do scale throughout the tiers. For example, players can convert 5 common T1 medallions into 1 common T2 medallion. Players can also backwards convert 1 rare conqueror's crest into 5 common T4 medallions. Higher rank set gear will require a combination of rare crests and common medallions for purchase.

Mythic is currently seeking feedback on this proposed new token system on their official forums, so head on over to have your voice heard (game account required). They plan to initially launch with tokens for RvR set gear only but future patches will bring expansions to this new currency system (e.g., PvE dungeon gear).

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