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WoW Moviewatch: The Womanizer Song


Warning: This song has a few very mild sexual references but definitely some scantily clad character models.

We've not covered Sharm much before, who goes by the user name taintedlore over on YouTube. She's a UK artist, and has been racking up an impressive body of work. She does mostly parody videos, and seems to be expanding on the machinima quality in her songs. Her early work was mostly about the music, but the video aspects have been getting much stronger as she goes along.

The Womanizer Song isn't about what you might think at first. The song is focused on those chaps who choose to play female characters. The video is light fare, and Sharm's singing is catchy and convincing. I don't have any opinions on the subject, but I don't think Sharm is necessarily looking to haul out the pitchforks and torches on the "womanizers" as much as she's just looking to make a joke about it.

The video itself is great for the genre, though. The fast scenes, quick cutting, and overall lighthearted tableau make for easy smiles. I don't think stylizing the models any further would have been helpful. I do like the occasional still photo behind a moving actor, though, since it sets up a nice surreality to the video.

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