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DK to publish official Halo Encyclopedia


Reference publisher DK announced today that it has partnered with Microsoft to publish the Halo Encyclopedia. As its title suggests, the Halo Encyclopedia is a reference guide to everything in the Halo universe including "characters, weapons, vehicles, equipment, and locations" from every Halo game all the way up to Halo 3: ODST. The press release notes that Microsoft approached DK after the San Diego Comic-Con last year after seeing its reference guides to subjects like Star Wars and Marvel comics.

The book will span 352 pages and will feature a foreword by Halo franchise development director (and former Bungie community guru) Frank O'Connor. The encyclopedia, which marks DK's first reference based on a game, is expected to be published in several territories and in different languages. It's scheduled to hit retail this November, and while no price is specified in the press release, Amazon is offering pre-orders for $27.34, which is apparently 32% off its list price of $40.

The real question, of course, is whether the encyclopedia has an entry on what happened to the frakking pistol.

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