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Fall into the conspiracy of The Secret World, again


Last time The Secret World was announced, a conspiracy swept through the alternate reality gaming community. One telling of secrets and sanctuaries, of dark days and demons. The conspiracy was quelled after a period, and the puzzles fell into depths of time.

But now, with the latest unveiling, the conspiracy returns. "A Friend" is back to stalking The Secret World forums, removing answers and doing his best to "protect" the community while odd videos and websites are beginning to come up.

While the MMORPG may not be done, the viral marketing "conspiracy" is beginning to start up again for all of the new people intrigued by the story behind TSW. What lies as a reward for those who crack the puzzles and get to the depths of the sanctuary? Well, we're not at liberty to say. Too many eyes are on us already, and we already risk our lives getting you this information. We've embedded the video after the break, but that's all we can do! They're watching us!

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