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General Hospital prescribes itself a daily dose of 720p

Steven Kim

It's been three years since we wished for General Hospital to deliver us some medical melodrama in HD, and in a couple of weeks it'll be coming. Just in time for the May sweeps that are now only partially screwed up due to the delayed DTV transition, the longest running soap in the biz -- 46 years and 11,500 episodes -- will be getting a 720p makeover on April 23rd. ABC has spent a tidy $3 million to equip the production facilities for HD, including seven HD cameras and five Panasonic professional plasmas that keep our hearts warm. ABC is hoping the jump to HD will help increase the realism of the show, and while we're never ones to underestimate the power of HD picture quality, we suspect the story lines might need a little more than 720p to get us to suspend our disbelief.

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