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KDDI au unveils iida sub-brand for high design

Chris Ziegler

Japan's KDDI au has long been famous for its Design Project handsets -- some of which have made the leap from concept to production -- and the CDMA carrier is looking to ramp up its fashion street cred with the creation of an entire brand dedicated to those oh-so-special models. iida is launching with five models out of the gate: the G9 from Sony Ericsson and misora (neither of which are particularly Earth-shattering in their design) along with three stunners from celebrated Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. These are pretty... shall we say, "interesting" handsets, owing in no small part to their in-your-face polka dot design (Kusama's trademark, it seems) -- but what's more, one of the three docks to a sculpture of a dog and another is the shape of a miniature handbag for the ladies. Continuing with the bizarre theme, iida is selling a unique charger whose cord looks like an ivy vine -- must be an eco-friendly unit, otherwise the irony is overwhelming -- and a pico projector using TI's DLP tech that'll connect to your handset for that impromptu presentation on the go. Check out a gallery of some of iida's wares below.

[Via Engadget Japanese]

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