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LEGO Universe character creation a soulful experience

Kyle Horner

If there's one thing that LEGO Universe has going for it over any other MMO on the market or coming anytime soon, it's creativity. When your game is based on a franchise that's seen countless boys, girls and men and women alike sitting on the floor snapping together little plastic bricks to make well, anything, you've got a powerful place to design a game on.

And as you would expect, Wired's latest preview of the game shows of plenty of soul and creativity. Our favorite quote from the whole preview is easily this, "Mini-figs are endowed with a creative spark, a "soul" that will never die. They're also fairly exuberant: They'll start mashing the 'randomize' button on their own if you take too long to begin the customization process." We certainly hope that feature stays with the game until release, and that many more like it are scattered throughout the game.

All that being said, LEGO Universe is still going to have all the MMO trappings such as story, conflict and combat. And that's just fine with us considering it'll let millions of people across the globe live our their LEGO ninjas versus pirates versus robots fantasies.

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