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See new ninja puzzle game Oreike in action

Majed Athab

Onore no Shinzuru Michi wo Yuke (or Oreike for short, as noted by PSP Hyper) is a new puzzle/action title about ninjas. The most captivating aspect about this new game is its interesting spin on the puzzle genre, where it utilizes shadows, or multiple copies of a player's avatar, to advance through stages. It's a concept that's borrowed from the flash game Cursor*10 and one that is better understood by watching the two clips posted after the break.

Developer From Software presents Oreike with a distinct and colorful Japanese art style, and also with staple co-op/competitive ad-hoc multiplayer modes. The game hits Japan on June 11 for ¥3,990 ($39.58), and will hopefully hit North America too. It's looking good and we need more ninja action on PSP. N+ wasn't enough!

[Via PSP Hyper]

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