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Tales of Vesperia movie confirmed, prequel to the game


Oh, Namco Bandai, you sneaky sneaky publisher. You hold an entire press conference in Tokyo and wait all the way until the very end to sneak in an official confirmation of the Tales of Vesperia movie, titled "Tales of Vesperia: First Strike." Oh, and what's that? It's a prequel to the game featuring "Yuri and Flynn's days together among the Zaphian Knights?"

We're sorry, you're just going to have to do better than that. Oooh, you say it's being developed by I.G. Productions, the company that worked on previous film adaptations of various Tales games in the past? Keep talking. Seasoned animator Kanta Kamei, known not only for his work on Tales of Legendia but also as the visual supervisor for the animated segment in "Kill Bill Vol. 1" is directing it, eh? Well that certainly helps.

When "First Strike" releases in Japan "sometime later this year," it'd better be good! We'll let you off the hook this time -- but only this time.

[Via 1UP]

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