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Vicarious Visions introduces DSiWare party game Mixed Messages


It just occurred to us how perfect the multiplayer-only LOL would have been on DSiWare. As a 500 Nintendo Point download, four players could download the quirky application whenever they had five minutes to spare, and enjoy it immediately, for the cost of just one copy of Agetec's retail game. We just realized this because Vicarious Visions' Mixed Messages is pretty much just that.

Well, it's a bit more directed and gamelike than LOL, but very similar nonetheless. Mixed Messages is a take on "telephone," in which players alternately type sentences and draw pictures based on them. One player writes a sentence, then another draws it, and then the next player writes a sentence based on that picture, and so on. The game saves sessions for the enjoyment of all afterward.

VV has been playing with this idea for two years, but the program was too small for retail and required too much rewriteable memory for the DS. DSiWare to the rescue! Mixed Messages is slated for the DSiWare "launch window," which is basically anytime now!

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