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Xi update: new areas, games and mysteries

Jem Alexander

Xi's been going on for a little over two weeks now and, since its launch, has grown substantially in scope. While the ARGish puzzles at the start were fun, the games that have been revealed since then now rival every other Home space available. So far, at least. The first teleporter in the Hub is now open and will lead you to three gaming rooms.

The first one tasks you with completing a series of six minigames and then reaching the exit as quickly as possible. In another room you'll find Maximum Tilt -- a virtual reality hoverbike game -- and in another resides an old school adventure game called Caverns Of The Bandit King. From the looks of things, Xi will continue to reveal itself and, hopefully, more games such of these.

The overarching mystery of Xi has also expanded, spilling over into the real world. It's at this point that it becomes a collaborative effort to discover what's going on, so head on over to the official US or European Home forums, or the in-Xi forum via the Online Gateway, and get involved. Or you could just sit back and enjoy the games while everyone else figures it all out. Either works.

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