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MI6: PS3-to-Facebook integration 'coming quicker than some may think' [update]


Update: SCEA contacted us with this statement to clarify: "There's nothing imminent in the pipeline between PS3 and Facebook or any social media sites. The point Koller was making is that the day when the console market in general will have tighter integration with social media isn't too far off. SCEA is always evaluating opportunities that might expand where and how the PS3 community interacts."

The MI6 Games Marketing Summit is going on right now and our man on the scene, Randy Nelson, just dropped an interesting tidbit in our laps. During a panel titled "Casual to the Core: Redefining the Gaming Dynamic," SCEA's John Koller talked about social media and how it can affect the games space. When asked by panel moderator John Davison if there would ever be a point when someone could be playing PS3 and have it "spit out something to Facebook," Koller stated that plans are already afoot. He said that such functionality is "critical not just for marketing but for the types of games we're trying to develop. That day is coming quicker than some may think."

One must try to remain skeptical of this, however. Koller didn't say any specific Facebook implementation would be coming, and could have just been referring to social media interaction as a whole. Still, we must admit it's a great idea, if only for something small like real-time Trophy updates for your Facebook friends.

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