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New DDO screens highlight Module 9's Shavarath

Kyle Horner

The free Module 9 update is just around the corner for Dungeons and Dragons Online, at least relatively speaking. But since we know that waiting for a big shiny new patch can be daunting at best, here are some screens of the forthcoming Shavarath to help tide you over until that fateful patch day. Module 9 is piling on a number of new features, including a raise for the level cap, chat improvements, new feats and abilities, capstone enhancements, and we're assuming some other yet-to-be announced goodies.

For a game that's pushing past three years, Dungeons and Dragons Online is looking quite good. It probably helps that Module 9 is moving DX10 support out of beta and into officially official status. That's twice as official as it was before, for anyone keeping score.

As great as these screenshots are, we really think Turbine needs to do their hard work some justice and put out a new trailer showcasing all the new improvements with an emphasis on the animations. It's all the rage nowadays, Turbine!

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