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Sahpr S600 PMP: it's like a Sharp, just far more dull

Darren Murph

While we can't quite crown this abomination with a bona fide KIRF label, there's still plenty of knockoff to keep the crowds chuckling. If you'll recall, Sharp popped out a boring SP600 portable media player in early 2008, and now, we've got some kind of undercover apprentice attempting to ride that wave. For those familiar with the real Sharp, you'll no doubt recognize the iconic (albeit slightly out of sorts) Sahpr logo there in the top left corner. What you won't recognize, however, is any design cues from the authentic Sharp PMP. For those who must know, the S600 sports a 5-inch display, support for a whole slew of formats and support for HD output. We'd wish you luck on actually finding one, but surely you're not depressed enough to embarrass yourself with one of these, right? Right.

[Via Slashgear]

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