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WoW Moviewatch: Das Strafgericht in Naxxramas


Warning: Subtitles are in German. My amateur attempts at Google translation revealed no naughty words, but I could be wrong. The soundtrack is music only, but there are words that flash on the screen. If a coworker happens by your screen, and happens to read German, and the words happen to be innuendo, then this might not be completely work safe.

Das Strafgericht in Naxxramas was posted on Myndflame by Petunia. It is, in essence, a quick romp through Naxxramas, involving a bunch of cool scenes and kill shots. In that sense, this video isn't groundbreaking. However, it's a got a couple stylistic things going for it that I wanted to point out.

First, the opening scene is pretty neat. Members of a guild are hanging out on the beach and having fun. Their day in the sun is interrupted by visitors. The guild jog into a nearby shack for a Superman moment, dressing up in their finest tier gear and weaponry to do battle. I found this opening lighthearted and amusing. It's also notable in that it provides in-character motivation for the guild to go do battle in Naxxramas. Many of these highlight videos lack that kind of thing, and I think the inclusion makes Petunia's work stand out.

More importantly, the video itself is clean and concise. There aren't five minute stretches of people mashing their DPS buttons, or of a tank standing in front of the boss analyzing the boss's hygiene. It's just a few quick shots from each fight, before moving on to the next. It's fast, precise, and the video itself is pretty. What else could you want?

If you have trouble with the video player, you can check out the video here.

[Via Myndflame]

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