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Big Brother! ActyMac DutyWatch spies on your employees


Employers: do you want to know exactly what your employees are doing every second of the day on their Macs? Would you like to be able to log every keystroke they make, take screenshots of their Macs every once in a while, or even take pictures of them with the iSight that's built into their Mac to make sure that they're working? If so, ActyMac DutyWatch is just your cup of tea.

Without your employees knowing, you can monitor everything they post, open, and use. DutyWatch captures all keystrokes and logs every program that is launched or quit. If an employee uses certain keywords, DutyWatch sends you an email so you can scrutinize that person even more closely. DutyWatch also records every email, chat, website visit, or web search. Make sure that your employees aren't reading TUAW on your dime!

In the example above, your employee Michael has been spending a lot of time watching QuickTime movies and IM'ing in Adium. Of course, he'll lie to you and tell you that he's been watching training movies and texting the Miami office, but you've got just the proof you need to fire him. That'll get those other slackers in line!

You can purchase ActyMac DutyWatch for US$99.95 direct from the website, and quantity discounts are available.

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