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Fisker already working on lower-cost vehicle to rival Volt, Model S

Darren Murph

While Fisker Automotive isn't making too much of a stir at the New York Auto Show this week, it is scheming to deliver a vehicle that will purportedly compete with Chevrolet's Volt and Tesla's Model S. 'Course, it should probably look to get its Karma onto US streets before it starts looking too far ahead, but you won't find us kvetching about the promise of a lower cost plug-in hybrid. Company spokesman Russell Datz insinuated that the outfit was jonesing to release a model that would be priced somewhere below its Karma ($87,900) and above the Volt (around $40,000) and Model S (somewhere in the $50,000s), though it wasn't close enough to production to hit the show floor of any expos in 2009. Oh, what a tease.

[Via AutoblogGreen]

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