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Holy collectors edition, Batman (Arkham Asylum)!


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There's really only one question you have to mull over when considering plunking down the cash for the Batman: Arkham Asylum Collectors Edition. That question is: How much am I willing to pay for a batarang? We'll admit that the behind-the-scenes DVD (or Blu-Ray), Arkham Doctor's Journal (with embossed leather dust jacket) and DLC are nice items, but it's still all about the batarang. Whether or not it's worth the price -- $100 according to GameStop -- is up to you. Sure, Bruce Wayne can afford to throw that kind of money away, but it's a difficult question for most of us.

While thinking it over, feel free to peruse the game's new official pages on MySpace or Facebook. You can also check out the gallery below for a closer look at the batarang in question.

Gallery: Batman: Arkham Asylum Collector's Edition | 1 Photos


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