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    LG Arena KM900 gets reviewed, called an iPhone clone

    Nilay Patel

    We didn't think the LG Arena KM900 was any great shakes when we briefly got to play with it at Mobile World Congress, and it sounds like our initial impression was right on the money -- GSM Helpdesk just reviewed the touchscreen handset and more or less called it a weak iPhone clone. Ouch. The S-Class 3D UI drew particular scorn for being "cumbersome," and the browser was "sluggish" and "uncomfortable," taking some 30-40 seconds to render pages. There were some positives, though: the camera was solid, and the Dolby Mobile-enabled media player impressed, but overall the phone scored a 7 out of 10 on potential alone -- let's hope LG can improve things next time around.

    [Via Slashgear]

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