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Mass Effect 2 won't 'shy away from emotionally engaging moments'

In response to the dumb, dumb controversy surrounding the original Mass Effect's thoroughly non-erotic, two-minute-long sex scene, Bioware co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk recently addressed the inclusion of further intergalactic sexcapades in Mass Effect 2 during an interview with VG247. In short, they said the sequel won't "shy away from emotionally engaging moments," provided they're "contextually appropriate."

Before you start planning another crusade to tear some poor psychologist's new book's Amazon rating asunder, it's important to discern what the two men meant when they said "emotionally engaging moments." While deep space lovemakin' seems a safe bet, they could just as easily be referring to a quick-time event in which you must euthanize your trusty space-dog, who has contracted a serious case of space-rabies.

We're just kidding, of course. They're definitely talkin' 'bout bonin'.

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