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Runes of Magic expands with Ravenfell

Shawn Schuster

Good news for those high-level Runes of Magic players out there as Frogster just announced the release of its newest zone Ravenfell. This zone is set in a Caribbean/pirate setting and is available to those players who are levels 45-50. It also introduces several new quests, bringing Runes of Magic's total quest count up to over 1,600.

In addition to this new content for veteran players, the newbie tutorial area has also been revamped with this patch. It introduces a more streamlined starter area and optimizes the localization of zones, items and quests text, which basically means the translations make more sense. "This content update meets the wishes of our players by further expanding the high level area." says Runes of Magic PR Manager, Philipp Senkbeil on the new features being built-in so shortly after the game's launch three weeks ago. We also anticipate a new dungeon called "Treasure Trove" which is set to appear in the near future.

Check out the five newest screenshots from Ravenfell in our RoM gallery below.

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