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Samsung prepping Vice QWERTY slider for Bell?

Chris Ziegler

There's no sign that the insane momentum powering the texting craze among North American carriers is slowing down any time soon, and in the meantime, you can pretty much count on boatloads of QWERTY models launching across the entire range. Latest for Bell appears to be the "Vice" from Samsung, continuing Sammy's dubious tradition of odd handset branding ("Rant," anyone?) and staying true to the SMS trend with a full landscape keyboard. There's a little bonus on the Vice, too, though: you get a numeric keypad positioned like you'd find on an ordinary candybar, making for an E75-esque layout -- LG's Neon solves this same problem by using a touchscreen, so it'll be interesting to see what form factor wins out there. No word on pricing or availability on this bad boy yet.

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