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The Clan: like The Guild, but a lot less endearing [Update]

Update: Producer Scott Patch let us know that 'The Clan' was a test pilot developed for a contest Microsoft held in Mid-2007 for an original comedy program on Xbox Live Marketplace. No subsequent episodes were developed or are planned.

One of the great things about The Guild is the diversity of the cast. Right from the pilot, viewers learn something that differentiates each of the characters and makes us question how this "family" survives. The series pokes fun at gamer stereotypes, but also embraces them, using dialogue only those who play MMOs would know and understand in context. If you're a fan, you appreciate that about The Guild.

If you want to see something that isn't The Guild, check out The Clan, a web series that isn't even diverse enough to cast someone who isn't a 30-something year old white guy. Sure, there's a lot of The Guild humor in The Clan ... but we've never wanted to punch The Guild cast like we want to throttle some of these guys. Check it out after the break and tell us what you think.

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