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compLexity hosts a machinima contest at

Mike Schramm

compLexity Gaming has apparently just started up a new machinima site called, and to help promote it, they're hosting a machinima contest. To enter, all you have to do is put their little intro tag on your machinima, and upload it to their site before the end of April, and you'll be eligible to win some cash. The contest is called the $1000 World of Warcraft Movie Contest, but the most you can win is $150 -- they're doing three different contests in May, June, and July. It'll be a public vote for three winners selected from ten chosen by the highest rating on the site, the most views, and four more chosen by the site's staff.

Whew. Sounds complicated, but there's also some Creative swag on the line (as well as even possibly a salaried machinima position), so as long as you post a good bit of machinima and make sure it tops views or ratings, you'll be good to go. We'll keep an eye out for the winners -- you may end up seeing them in our very own Moviewatch column, posted every day at noon.

[ Thanks, Josh W! ]

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