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Greg Costikyan slams Epic for 'exploitative' work hours

Jason Dobson

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Game designer Greg Costikyan has come out swinging against Epic president Michael Capps for supporting what the author and Manifesto Games co-founder describes "exploitation of talent." Capps, who lately has made a habit out of putting his foot in his mouth, reportedly told those attending a leadership meeting by the International Game Developers Association that just putting in a 40-hour work week was utterly senseless. Instead, the exec claimed that devs should accept that toiling for 60 or more hours each week was just part of the "corporate culture."

Costikyan points out that such a stance would be plausible coming from an industry exec, were Capps not also a board member of the IGDA, "an organization," Costikyan writes, "the ostensible purpose of which is to support game developers. Not, you know, to support management dickheads."

There is more to the story as well, including nebulous comments by IGDA chair Jen MacLean that only add fuel to the fire. Costikyan notes the kerfluffle has cost the IGDA some members, though he urges current and future members to join in and "vote to replace anyone on the current board who will not take a clear stand in favor of reasonable working conditions." Fight. The. Power.

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