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Guitar Hero: Smash Hits trailer has that old familiar feeling

The debut trailer for Activision's "greatest hits" collection of classic Guitar Hero tracks, aptly titled Guitar Hero: Smash Hits, is fairly straightforward in purpose. Yes, it explains you'll be playing through 48 formerly guitar-only songs with a full band. Yes, it reveals a number of the tracks appearing on the setlist -- namely, "I Love Rock N' Roll," "Carry On Wayward Son," "I Wanna Rock," "Message in a Bottle," "Bark at the Moon," "Through the Fire and Flames," and "Freebird."

However, does it reveal the inclusion of Spinal Tap's masterpiece, "Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight?" No, it does not -- and so we shall wait, arms folded, face frozen in a skeptical sneer until next Thursday, when the next batch of Hits will be revealed.

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