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Paragon City streets unusually quiet as meta-humans flock to Architect Entertainment

Tateru Nino

So far, it seems, NCsoft's City of Heroes/Villains Issue 14 Mission Architect feature has been a cracking success. The zones containing Architect Enterprises have been stuffed to overflowing with users learning the system, creating missions and trying missions out.

The Mission Architect system isn't exactly all-singing and all-dancing, as it has to work within the constraints of the existing engine, but it does the job quite nicely, and doesn't have a gigantic learning curve. Users have created and published literally hundreds of missions since Issue 14 went live a few days ago.

The content runs the gamut from excellent to flaky-and-juvenile, but there are some real jewels in the mix and the user-voting system helps you find them. Still and all, you might want to flip through some of the user-created missions that haven't gotten any votes yet, and give them a try and give them their first rating, for good or ill.

Initially, we were both hesitant and excited about the practicalities of the user-generated mission system, but we're glad to say that it seems to be a roaring success, and perhaps, one that can be built on further in coming issues.

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