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WoW Moviewatch: Nobody LIke You, ep1


Remember Ninth Batter? Not only is he the man responsible for the Northrend Newsflash, but he's the genius who put song to video for the WoW Insider Song. He's clearly a man of taste, right? Well, the maestro's come along to drop another moment of comedy down on you with "Nobody Like You, ep1."

"Nobody Like You" is just a quick, fun little comedy sketch. I'll sum up. Someone's rolled a new Death Knight. Arthas begins his long, emo speech about how Arthas has bestowed on the newbie rage, anger, angst, and all the other associated dark and spooky things. The Death Knight is nonplussed, quickly accepts the quest, and moves on. Arthas, of course, gets more emo than a Blood Elf writing in Livejournal. The comedy, in my opinion, is mostly about the absurd nature of the game when you start breaking the fourth wall.

The video has lots of little fun shout outs. The "meaningless Gargoyle," cute little jokes, and even a shout out to the WoW Insider song. I think Ninth Batter's really doing well in terms of his dialogue, eye for plot, comedy and pacing. I'm not sure if his animation skills have leapt forward yet, but I've never had any complaints about the appearance of his videos in the first place. All in all, I think "Nobody Like You" was a fun time, and I hope there's an episode 2 out there.

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