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CAPTIVATE09 takes place in Monte Carlo, new game announcements imminent


In an effort to reach out to its fans in the Western European version of CAPTIVATE08's setting, Capcom announced details (via Capcom-Unity) this week about its "totally not a gamer's day" event, unironically titled CAPTIVATE09. Taking place in Monte Carlo, Monaco, the company says it's announcing "new games" at the event (emphasis on the "s" at the end there) -- an especially interesting statement to make considering Capcom's Chris Kramer said this week on the Giant Bombcast, "We are announcing at least two titles at E3." How many games are in development at Capcom right now that we don't know about?!

Other items of note are new looks at Spyborgs (the "actually a game" game for Wii) and Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles. If you're one of the lucky few already chosen from the Capcommunity (see what we did there?) to attend, make sure to bring your jewel-encrusted Wiimote and blood-spattered Tricell messenger bag, so you don't look out of place. And send us tips!

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