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Dell Adamo torn to shreds for science and bragging rights


The fine folks at iFixit and TechRepublic have teamed up to show us the innards of Dell's new thin-and-sort-of-light ultraportable Adamo. They also set the laptop up against Apple's MacBook Air to compare build quality and specifics. For instance, the Adamo packs a 11.1 volt 40 Watt hour battery, compared to the Air's 7.2 volt 37 Watt hour battery, and comprises a greater percentage of the weight of the computer than its Air counterpart -- who knew? Overall the Adamo seems to pack a good amount more technology into a slightly heavier package, and takes a small win over the MacBook for nixing the screws on the bottom, not to mention the huge win over its Windows counterparts for skipping out on the Intel and Windows stickers.

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