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HTC Fiesta is "an Android phone," so says Bluetooth SIG

Chris Ziegler

We know from countless encounters with our dear, dear friends at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group that their certifications aren't as... shall we say, "detailed" as their counterparts at the FCC; frequently, we don't even bother with them because there's simply nothing there to talk about. Android phones are still pretty difficult to come by, though, so whenever we see the platform mentioned in a certification of any kind, we're bound to sit up and take notice -- particularly when said certification comes via HTC. Tipster Jeff came across a filing for an HTC "Fiesta" in the SIG this time around, descriptively noted as "an Android phone" that'll be available in Asia, Europe, and North America. Other than that, we can count on it having Bluetooth (would be funny if it didn't, wouldn't it?), but that's about it; the G1 / Dream was the Kila, the Magic was the Sapphire, so what's this gonna be?

[Thanks, Jeff]

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