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Judge Mathis is making a third-person action title

Well, that was just the most ridiculous headline we've ever typed. Brace your brains for a craziness infusion, folks -- television personality Judge Greg Mathis, of Judge Mathis fame, is planning his gaming development debut. According to a recent Yahoo! Games article, the good judge will be teaming up with 187 Ride or Die contributor Matty Rich to create a third-person action game for the 360, PS3 and PC titled -- wait for it -- keep waiting (seriously, it's worth it) -- Mathis "Detroit" Street Judge.

In the game, you play La-Ron Washington, a recently released inmate who's trying to help out his community to turn his life around. However, with Detroit's toughest gangs chasing him down for a murder he didn't commit, he'll have to play it smart to avoid the game's penal consequences, which Judge Mathis took care to delicately explain.

"When you go to prison you can also be raped," Mathis said. "We may see young people who make the wrong choice and go to prison and are assaulted repeatedly." So, yeah. There that is.

[Via Big Download]

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