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Star Wars: The Old Republic reveals Ord Mantell as its newest planet

Kyle Horner

BioWare has revealed Ord Mantell as Star Wars: The Old Republic's newest planet via a flurry of screenshots, concept art and even a new wallpaper. It reminds us a lot of Dantooine from the original KOTOR game, but with a little more going on than a Jedi Academy and tons of grass.

Don't get us wrong because we enjoyed or original stay in Dantooine, but reading the lore piece on Ord Mantell is causing a noticeable unnatural buildup of saliva. Embroiled in a ruthless civil war? Mountainous plains and volcanic islands? A corrupt government? These are all the makings of a wonderfully fun adventure for any player of either faction.

We're mostly excited about the ongoing battle between the Republic loyal old government and separatists looking for independence. As the marauders, Nar Shaddaa black market tech and elite Republic forces are all likely to be converging just as we -- and you -- arrive on the planet once Star Wars: The Old Republic launches sometime in the hopefully not-too-distant future.

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