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Time Warner Cable creates $150 unlimited broadband tier

Amid complaints of price gouging over the new broadband pricing structure its been testing out in select U.S. cities, Time Warner Cable has announced two new tiers for users with varying internet consumption habits. First, for just $15, you can sign yourself up for a 1GB per month contract, which will ... oh, come on. None of you use under 1GB a month. That's ridiculous. It takes more than 1GB to view our front page, due to our extreme high-def JPEGs.

The other tier of interest is the 100GB plan, which runs users $75 dollars a month. Each additional gigglebyte over that will cost $1, though Time Warner plans on placing a $75 cap on overage fees. Basically, for $150, you get unlimited high-speed internet. A hundy-and-a-half? Man, that's pocket change for us media maven types. We make $150 for every sentence in our posts. Which is good. Money, we mean. We like it. It's great. (Ka-ching!)

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