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AOpen rolls out XC Encore OE700 media PC


It's been a little while since AOpen last popped up on our radar, but the company certainly hasn't stopped cranking out tiny media PCs in the interim, and it looks like it might have a winner on its hands with its new XC Encore OE700 model. While the core specs of your choice of Core 2 Duo processor and up to 4GB RAM aren't exactly anything remarkable, the system does employ a number of measures to ensure it stays as quiet as possible, including a Smart Anti-Vibration System that dampens hard drive noise, and a new case design dubbed SNSS (or Smart Noise Suppression System) that promises to keep all the other noises in check. You'll even get a home theater-friendly VFD display and, of course, a Media Center compatible remote control -- assuming you live in Japan, that is, as there's still no indication of a release 'round these parts.

[Via Electronista]

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