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Book Time shrugs off e-readers, turns paper pages for you

Darren Murph

Oh sure, the e-reader may be just fine for some, but for the traditionalists in attendance who just can't enjoy a novel without turning those crisp, cool pages as you plow through yet another masterpiece, this invention is the one to care about -- particularly when you're fingers are frozen in place and you're just too dilapidated to do anything but read and comprehend. The absolutely genius Book Time creation managed to nab a Robot of the Year award over in Japan, as it holds down books and periodicals and automatically flips pages and pins down edges to keep sheets from flapping about uncontrollably. We can't quite tell if this thing's voice activated or not (we're hoping so), but either way, you can check out the hot paper turning action for yourself just past the break.

[Via NewLaunches]

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