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Former Motorola CFO alleges that company lied about financial data, Santa Claus

Tim Stevens

There have been no shortage of legal wranglings in the electronics space lately, usually between two well-entrenched corporations, but this one's a little more interesting: a former officer taking the offensive against his former office. Paul Liska, previous head of all things financial at Motorola, is alleging that the company has been misleading investors for quite some time regarding the performance of its Mobile Devices unit, and that when he raised his concerns to the board he was given an escorted trip out the building for his troubles. Moto, on the other hand, is saying that the company's current financial mess is all thanks to a scheme concocted by Liska himself, who then attempted to blackmail the company before trying to paint himself as a whistleblower. That's an awful lot of intrigue, but given the thrilling, cut-throat world of chartered accountancy (as depicted in Monty Python's documentary The Meaning of Life), truly anything can happen.

[Via Phone Arena]

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