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id Software promises 'new stuff' at E3


id Software's Todd Hollenshead has told Gamespot that E3 attendees should expect to see some surprises from the developer. "... What I expect is," Hollenshead said, "I expect that we'll be showing Wolfenstein at E3, I expect that we'll have some new stuff at E3 that we haven't announced yet." Because id is no longer an ESA member, there won't be an "official" id presence -- rather, "It'll be games that will be there in other publishers' booths."

In the same interview, Hollenshead offers some new information about two id projects that seem likely for E3, in addition to the unannounced games. Rage is apparently going to be super-massive, at least in terms of file size: "The game, ultimately, when it's done on our servers, will be huge. I don't know, 100GB?" id expects the game to fill a Blu-Ray, and span multiple DVDs on 360 and PC. Doom 4 is "not a sequel to Doom 3, but it's not a reboot either." Despite the 4 in the title!

[Via Big Download]

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