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Karaoke Revolution gets a tune-up for PS3, 360, Wii


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Are you ready to put your lips to work and sing like a star? Are you ready to kill us for that horrible introduction? We only ask that you read the rest of this post first. It may (or may not) satisfy your urge to commit murder. Plus, if you killed us, the only singing you'd be doing would be as a jailbird.

Developed by Blitz Games and simply titled Karaoke Revolution, the new PS3, 360 and Wii entry in the series is proof Konami has been paying attention to its competition. The game will launch with 50 master recordings on-disc, a deeper character creator than series vets are used to, customizable venues and the inclusion of original music videos for each song. Song and customization item DLC is planned (any doubt it wouldn't be?) but specifics aren't being discussed just yet -- apart from the fact that Wii won't be getting any of it.

A party-centric playlist and drop-in/drop-out duet mode reminiscent of Lips are also planned to compliment PS3- and 360-only online play. All three versions will likely benefit from promised improvements in pitch and rhythm detection; hopefully it doesn't turn out to be like Lips in its pre-patch state. Look for this series reboot to hit this fall.

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