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TechLab 2000's Xaos Gamma: when you absolutely, positively don't want us tapping into your convo

Chris Ziegler

There's no shortage of solutions for making your phone conversations as secure as the privacy of the room you're standing in while placing the call -- problem is they only interoperate with compatible products, and needless to say, encrypting cellphones aren't exactly in wide supply. TechLab 2000's SYLAN system of encryption suffers the same shortcoming, but the bright spot here is that they've got a handful of wireless and wireline models that can all talk to each other, so the next time you need to get hold of Agent 49 sitting back at his desk at Langley, you can do so knowing that it's gonna be tough for the baddies to crack the call. The Polish firm just rolled out its Xaos Gamma model, featuring quadband GSM, six hours of talk time, and a 220 x 176 display -- not the most aggressive stats, but odds are you don't care about a music player with 5.1 surround capabilities when you're running Operation Silent Dawn from some secret drop point in the Sahara. Actually, maybe you do. [Warning: PDF link]

[Via GadgetsCrunch]

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